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House Rules

What’s up?

At The Original Lung Candy Vape Elixir Emporium we strive to only offer THE BEST possible vape experience. You work hard for your money and you want to get the right gear and, most importantly, the right advice don’t you? So yeah, we specialise in the enthusiast vape experience for any level of vaper. Wether you are new to vaping or not, we guarantee that we will do everything we possible can to ensure you leave with a big smile on your face!

What exactly do we do?

In a nutshell we are a vape shop. But at the core we are the vape experience you have been looking for. To give you an idea. We test every single mod that is sold to ensure that everything works just the way it should. Nothing sucks more than getting your vape gear and something is broken or not working.

Secondly, we also offer pre-built configurations for every single tank and dripper that leaves the shop. This isn’t just pre-built, it’s built to the specification and vape preference of the customer. This way you know that you can simply fill up and vape straight away. But what if you want to do it yourself? No problem at all. Simply don’t select the coil and wick options when placing your order.

Another little thing we do is charge your new batteries for you (on request). It really is a small thing but we believe it matters. Why not? You might just need to use it the same day you get it. We only use top quality batteries and Nitecore digital chargers to ensure batteries are balanced and optimally charged. Please note that all charging needs to be pre-arranged. Please note that this may delay your order by 24 hours.

We also give expert advice on every single product we stock. We simply will not let a customer have a bad experience. We promote safety above anything else.

Can you ship my goodies to me, should I collect?

Absolutely! We use various door-to-door couriers to ship nation wide. It normally takes around 1 to 2 business days to get to your door. Every package is personally packed by me to ensure it reaches you safely! Unfortunately, we don’t ship internationally.

We also offer FREE!, yes FREE! shipping on all orders over a certain amount. This varies from time to time but you'll always be notified of what the amount is. Please take note that the free shipping offer does not apply at the moment. 

Collections? You are always welcome. We love to meet our customers in person. Pop in during our opening hours, have a cup of coffee while you browse through all the goodies on offer. We are also happy to help you with any coil builds, wicking, or any other setup related needs you may have.

What are the rules?

  1. First and most important. We don’t sell to under 18’s. It’s not just morally wrong, but also the law. You get it right? We don’t cut corners.
  2. Safety, safety, safety. We will not build a coil or setup a device for a new vaper that wants to go super low or vape at super high wattage. We promote safety as far as possible. We understand that people are people and things will happen. Therefor please note that vaping can be dangerous if you don’t respect the devices and follow the rules. Please note that all devices are used at your own risk and we can’t and won’t take any responsibility for injury or harm caused by the use of any product sold by us.
  3. Know the law! Yes, there are laws. The most important one is Ohm’s law. Use the calculator at to safely calculate current draw, resistance, power consumption etc.
  4. Keep your elixirs in a safe place. That means out of reach of children, pets, and anything with opposable thumbs. We try to only stock elixirs with child-proof caps but unfortunately this isn’t always possible.
  5. We stock only local elixirs and only ones we know are good and reputable. Again with the safety!
  6. Don’t put your batteries in your pocket. Ok, not unprotected anyways. We do offer battery cases and sleeves for sale to ensure you don’t get a nasty surprise. Keep in mind that batteries are capable of producing very high discharge currents even though they are only 4v’s.
  7. Don’t every charge batteries unattended and take them out of the charger as soon as they are full!
  8. If a battery looks damaged, dented, swollen, or corroded don’t use it or attempt to charge it. Please don’t just throw it in the bin. There are various battery recycling options available from your local shopping centres.
  9. Always check which side round a battery should go in. Positive up isn’t always the right way. The battery sled inside your mod will show you which side is which.
  10. All regulated mods carry a 90 day warranty against manufacturer defect. Any faulty devices will be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection and further instruction on wether the device will be repaired, repaired etc. We don’t cover any faults caused by misuse, impact damage, liquid damage, or battery failures. Battery failure will only be covered if the manufacturer deems the fault to be caused by the device and it is entirely at their discretion to honour the warranty.
  11. Insist on and keep your receipts, boxes, manuals etc. You’ll need these for warranty claims.
  12. Please note that RDA, RBA, RTA, Tanks and anything you put in your mouth can not be returned or exchanged unless faulty. Same with underwear, you know, hygienic reasons and all that.
  13. If you have any doubts, any questions, any concerns, please contact us on We will try to resolve any issues you may have as promptly as possible.
  14. We can add and edit these rules from time to time. You know they are here and we hope you keep checking them out from time to time for updates.
  15. We accept PayFast, EFT, and cash on collection. We also have credit card facilities in store for your convenience.
  16. We DONT accept cheques or direct deposits into our bank account.
  17. We can only ship your order once we received payment and have confirmation that it has cleared.
  18. Rule 17 is not negotiable.
  19. Orders not paid for within 48 hours will be cancelled.

By reading all of these rules you agree that your understand what we do, how it works, and that you agree to follow them.

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