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  1. R200.00

    DotMod Petri Friction Fit Drip Tips

    Lose the O-Ring!  Frictionfit by Dotmod have a stylish anodized aluminum top and 7mm delrin insulated base. Beautifully machined in six colors and finishes, find just the right dotmod frictionfit drip tip for every occasion.

    Delrin base
    Wide bore anodized aluminum top piece
    No heat 
    Huge draw
    Precision finishes



  2. R895.00

    528 Customs Goon LP

    The Goon LP RDA by 528 Customs is the newest, competition ready edition of the critically acclaimed Goon series RDA, expanding the build deck capability by implementing a new four clamp horizontal system while also including an ULTEM cap and drip tip.

    Maintaining the 24mm diameter of the original Goon, the Goon LP features a shorter overall height to create a more balanced visual aesthetic while also increasing the rate of airflow delivery during use. Inside, the Goon LP features a newly redesigned two post clamp style deck, with two horizontally mounted clamps per post, increasing overall efficiency and customization versus the shared terminal design of the original. The deck measures 3mm deep, with engravings located in both wells. Airflow enters the Goon LP through two 11mm by 2mm airslots that are throttled by adjusting the AFC top cap.



  3. R0.00

    The GOON Bridge-Clamp RDA by 528 Customs is an awe-inspiring two-post design reinvention, implementing "Bridge Clamp" platform to greatly expand build configurations possibilities while maintaining secure leads and carry current. It is geared towards high level performance and build sophistication, yet simplifying the usability factor, with a 24mm diameter coupled with dual triple airslots setting.

  4. R395.00

    528 Customs Solid Silver Upgrade Kit

    Get the most from your 528 Customs Goon, Goon 22, or Goon LP with the solid silver upgrade kit

    Crafted from fine silver this replacement pin adds a new level of conductivity to an already amazing RDA!

    Don't lose out on precious voltage making it to your coils! Upgrade today and get the best performance yet!

    The silver 510 pin also protrudes slightly more than the standard pin adding additional safety when used on hybrid mechanical mods.

  5. R1,495.00

    The new Standard Mod by Aria Built combined with hugely succesful Aria Built Phenotype LS is one of the most compact 18650 combos in the industry delivering world class authentic performance at a price that will suit most budgets!

  6. Rating:

    The Phenotype L RDA is a collaborative effort by Anarchist and Aria Built, designed specifically for building enthusiasts and performance chasers, integrating an efficient two post design, enormous adjustable vertical airflow slots, a stealth delrin 510 adapter, and a delrin competition bore top.

  7. R1,395.00

    The Minikin is back the all new Minikin 2! The Minikin 2 is powered by a GX-180-HT chip which incorporates the same battery power saving capabilities as its predecessors but features a new wattage cap of 180 watts and touch screen support!



Showing 1-9 of 102 results

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