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  1. Geek Vape 521 Tab Mini

    Geek Vape 521 Tab Mini

    The Geek Vape 521 Tab Mini is the compact evolution of the original 521 Tab, retaining the elite-level build quality, accuracy level, as well as the ability to test and fire while integrating a smaller size, added battery level indicator, and USB port charging capability. Building upon the manufacturing prowess of Geek Vape, the 521 Tab Mini is meticulously machined with user-friendly in mind, featuring a fully fledged suite of functionality in a compact architectural structure with minimalist design.

    A three way selector offers dual mode capability: Ohm Reader Mode and Fire Mode.

    In Ohm Reader Mode, the 521 Tab Mini easily and accurately test the resistances of coils and atomizers with a range of 0.01ohms to 9.99ohm.

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  2. Twisted Messes NiChrome 80 Wire

    Premium quality NiChrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and ~80% Nickel. It’s a low resistance wire under normal circumstances. When dealing with the thinner gauges of this wire (32-46g) the resistance is much higher than you’d expect.

2 Items results

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